Saguache County CO Canals


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Name USGS Topo Map
32 South Ditch Hickey Bridge
Arch Irrigation Ditch Doyleville
Biedell Ditch Number 10 Twin Mountains SE
Big Meadow Ditch Saguache
Braun Brothers Ditch Number 1 Hickey Bridge
Campbell Ditch 5 Hickey Bridge
Campbell Number 6 Hickey Bridge
Cochetopa Meadows Ditch Stewart Peak
Coleman South Ditch Hickey Bridge
Commodore Ditch Trickle Mountain
Cotton Creek Ditch Valley View Hot Springs
Crestone Ditch Sheds Camp
Crow Drainage and Seepage Ditch Swede Corners
Farmers Union Canal Center North
Ford Ditch Lake Mountain NE
Frazee Ditch Mirage
Friese Ditch Number 2 Lake Mountain NE
Fullerton Ditch 2 Saguache
Gibson Ditch Deadman Camp SW
Gotthelf Samora Ditch Saguache
Hodding Ditch 3 Lake Mountain NE
Hodding Ditch 5 Lake Mountain NE
Hoffman Niedhardt Ditch Mirage
Holland Ditch Twin Mountains SE
Home Ditch Number 1 Twin Mountains SE
Hougland Ditch Lake Mountain NE
Hudson Ditch Medano Pass
Johnnie Smith Ditch Number 1 La Garita
Juan Trujillo Ditch Twin Mountains SE
Larkspur Ditch Pahlone Peak
Lateral Fortyseven Deadman Camp SW
Lawrence Ditch Saguache
Malone Ditch Saguache
Medano Ditch Medano Pass
Mesa Ditch Cochetopa Park
Morrison Ditch Saguache
Munro Ditch 2 Lake Mountain NE
Needle Creek Ditch Doyleville
North Central Lateral Deadman Camp SW
North Crestone Ditch Sheds Camp
North Ditch Mirage
North Lateral Center North
North Main Canal La Garita
Perry Ditch Cochetopa Park
Peterson Ditch Number 1 Mirage
Phillips Ditch 1 Hickey Bridge
Phillips Ditch 2 Hickey Bridge
Proffitt Company Ditch Hickey Bridge
Proffitt McDonough Ditch Hickey Bridge
Quartet Ditch Hickey Bridge
Reservoir Enlargement Ditch Saguache
Rio Grande Canal La Garita
Rio Grande Lateral Number 5A Sevenmile Plaza
Roberts Company Ditch Hickey Bridge
Roberts Company Ditch Hickey Bridge
Rocky Hill Seepage Overflow Ditch La Garita
Russell Ditch 4 Saguache
San Luis Company Ditch Villa Grove
San Luis Valley Irrigation Drain Hooper West
Sanford Ditch Agate Mountain
Schultze Dettrick Ditch Villa Grove
Seitz McClure Ashley Ditch Hickey Bridge
Shellabarger Ditch Number 2 Mirage
Shellabarger Eaton Ditch Mirage
Smith Ford Ditch Cold Spring Park
South Crestone Ditch Sheds Camp
Star Ditch Saguache
Tarbell and Alexander Ditch Cold Spring Park
Taylor Ashley Ditch Hickey Bridge
Turnbull Lunguen Ditch Hickey Bridge
Wales Shellabarger Ditch Number 1 Mirage
Wales Travis Ditch Mirage
Ward Highline Ditch Lake Mountain NE
Wells Kerber Ditch Villa Grove
Werner Clark Ditch Harrence Lake
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